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I have been living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for 20 years. I have coped with managing symptoms for my flare ups with steroids but the symptoms were always there, and the last year were becoming more intense. I realized I needed a change in my lifestyle and I desperately wanted to improve my quality of life. I'm a mum of two young children and I had to be fit and well for them. Kiki has helped me to understand what was fueling my body's inflammation and gradually helped to intervene to my diet so I could feel more energized. The combination of the right supplements have really helped, so I have noticed that the flare ups of my illness were less and less frequent. Recently I also opted for a homeopathic approach which changed completely the way I face life and my illness. I felt empowered, and in charge of my life. I definitely recommend an holistic approach to whoever battles with self immune disease: it can absolutely improve quality of life! Anna, Bath

I started seeing Kiki when I decided that the skin complaint of my 7 years old son would not respond to traditional medicines such as steroid creams. He developed a rash at his face that seemed to appear every time he would get upset and it would last for few days.
It started after we moved to another town and I felt that it might had something to do with his anxiety about his new school . Homeopathy has helped him enormously to settle down in our new environment and also helped with his outbursts of anger. The appearance of the rash became rare until it disappeared. Since then, I've seen her for the recurrent chest infections of my daughter and her suggestions have helped to boost her immune system so now she rarely catches a cold. I trust her advice as she always seems so knowledgeable about the best products the market and with great tips about children's health. The list goes on and on with the things she has helped my family. I am so grateful to have found her! Heather, Bath

My son had been struggling with a viral skin infection called Molluscum Contagiosum for a couple of years before we were referred to Kiki. The spots on his legs were embarrassing him, while the treatment with the lotion prescribed was painful.
The consultation was really thorough and she suggested homeopathy along with a natural product to apply topically to his skin. After 2 months the molluscum lesions were fewer in number and much smaller. My son was much happier and he felt confident again to go to the swimming pool without worrying about the spots anymore. Five months after the treatment the spots dissappeared completely.
I highly recommend Kiki, she goes through the problem with professionalism, she is genuine and very empathetic. Francesca, Bristol

I felt like someone was lifting a veil off me, revealing a more energetic and confident myself . All negative thoughts vanished! My sleep has improved, I finally feel refreshed when I wake up! " Nothing can compare to homeopathy when it comes to its impact on wellbeing!
Claire, Bristol

When i started seeing Kiki, I was a mess: I was suffering from migraines almost weekly, brain fog, total lack of energy and panic attacks. I had no diagnosis for these complex symptoms and I had already tried medicines, acupuncture and psychotherapy with no improvement. Four months down the line and my migraines have gone! The holistic approach from Kiki has changed my life and I feel more confident and happy to be in charge of my own life again. Kiki is how a therapist should really be, compassionate and knowledgeable. She wouldn't quit on me, even when I was feeling too tired to attempt any changes in my lifestyle. She has always been therefor me, we did this together!
Fay, Greece


Can I use Homeopathy and supplements if I am currently on treatment with prescription medicines?
I am a healthcare professional and I will not interfere with your treatment prescribed from your doctor as I'm aware of the importance of not interrupting any medical treatment without consulting the doctor first. Furthermore, when using pharmacological treatment we must be aware of possible interactions when prescribing dietary supplements. My medical background allows me to suggest with confidence the safest options for my patients. Thankfully, homeopathy will not conflict with any orthodox medicine and is absolutely safe to use both.
I embrace the integrative medicine concept, where patients are able to get the best from both conventional and complementary treatments.

Can you offer treatments from distance?
I currently see patients via Skype . I'm happy to take advantage of the technology and nowadays more people prefer receiving a consultation from the comfort of their own home!

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