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My name is Kiki Marselou.
I'm a mum to 2 young children and my journey into natural health started a few years ago.
I grew up in a family where food was believed to be the most important thing to prevent illness. I used to argue with my dad(who is also a pharmacist) on a daily basis about the dozenth green juice he had prepared for me. As a child I could not understand why someone medically trained, like my father, would give so much importance in nutrition. Nowadays, recent research has identified the link between prevention and nutrition.
I came across to complementary therapies and I embraced the concept food as medicine when I was already practicing as a pharmacist.
I've qualified in Pharmacy 19 years ago and I've always been very passionate about helping people to improve their health.
In my practice as a pharmacist I soon realized that helping my patients was going beyond dispensing medicines. The most common question I was facing was "what else can I do to help my condition?"
It was clear that most people want to have an active part into taking care of their health, and often the amount of information that can be found on the internet can leave us overwhelmed and insecure.
This is when I realised that as a healthcare professional I had a duty in educating patients into a healthier lifestyle and empowering them to improve the quality of life through healthier choices.
I decided to carry on with my studies and obtained a diploma in Natural Health Products, ( University of Ferrara, Italy).
I studied the importance a balanced diet, nutritional supplementation for different needs and what alternative medicine had to offer.
My passion for homeopathy started a bit later on, by this time I was working as a fully-qualified pharmacist in the UK, before taking a short career-break for the birth of my daughter.
I was experiencing a difficult post-natal period as a result of an episiotomy that would not heal . After several treatments with conventional medicines that went on for months, no improvement was experienced. The pain and discomfort were affecting me at the point I was finding everyday's life a struggle.
This is when I used homeopathy and noticed that not only had the physical complaint got significantly better within few days, but I felt better overall and in charge of my life again!
I promised to myself, that one day I would train in homeopathy, to help others in the same way as I was helped.
I started my training with the National Center for Integrative Medicine in Bristol, and I qualified after 4 years of training as a Pharmacist Homeopath. I currently teach at the Faculty of Homeopathy and I am a tutor for the National Center of Integrative Medicine.

It has been a natural path for me embracing Integrative Healthcare and Homeopathy. My personal experience convinced me of how important is for our well being a balanced nutrition, integration with supplements, and where appropriate, homeopathic remedies.
A personal experience backed up with years of studies and expertise in the healthcare field!

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