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Integrative Healthcare in Bath

I am a qualified pharmacist and a registered  homeopath based in Bath, with a wealth  of experience in both conventional and complementary medicines.
I approach healthcare in an holistic way that goes beyond the treatment of symptoms in dealing with illness, taking into account the whole person. I embrace wherever possible the natural therapy!

My vision is to integrate conventional medicine with complementary medicine such as homeopathy, nutrition and supplementation under the expert advice of a healthcare professional . My practice in natural health and homeopathy in Bath, is aiming at placing the patients at the center of care, and empowering them to take care of their own well being.

Worldwide 70% of people use natural health products and homeopathy

Increasingly more people desire a natural approach to healthcare. Many are already on prescription medications, and desire to become more involved in their own wellbeing but not sure what is safe and what's not when it comes to alternative and natural medicine.
Natural healing products such as homeopathic remedies are less invasive, they are considered a natural therapy and can be particularly helpful for those that have had many unpleasant side effects from their conventional treatments or, for who would like to avoid wherever possible, a pharmacological approach, such as expectant mothers or children.
Chronic disease symptoms can be alleviated with the integration of natural health practices such as homeopathy, nutritional supplementation and advice.
Integrative Healthcare can be very helpful with an extremely wide range of health conditions .
Among the most common conditions that people seek treatment with complementary medicine for, are skin complaints, such as eczema, mental health conditions, such as anxiety disorder and panic attacks, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Other health complaints where Integrative Healthcare is very popular are hormonal or menopausal symptoms and other female health complaints and recurrent infections in children especially bronchitis and otitis.

An integrated approach should be safe and effective

Homeopathy and natural health products cannot replace all other forms of healthcare, and we cannot expect nutritional supplements to replace a balanced healthy diet.
As a regulated homeopath from the Faculty of Homeopathy, and a registered healthcare professional I am bound to act within the competence of my profession. I can advice with confidence when natural medicine can be used as a first treatment option or where it could be used as a complementary medicine, for example to speed up recovery after an illness.

A complete holistic and natural approach from a homeopath in Bath

I run my clinics in Integrative Healthcare and Homeopathy in Bath.
For those preferring the comfort of their own home, or they would like a consultation out of the opening hours, I offer consultations via Skype or Zoom, so please get in touch with me and I will try to accommodate your needs.
Consultations also offered in Greek and Italian.

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  • Master degree in Pharmacy

  • Diploma in Natural Health Products from the University of Ferrara (IT)

  • Registered Homeopath with the British Homeopathic Association

  • Tutor for the Faculty of Homeopathy
  • Diploma in plant-based diet for wellbeing from Winchester University

  • My practice " Integrative Healthcare and Homeopathy in Bath" is aiming at helping people to integrate the best that conventional and complementary medicine has to offer, with individualized treatments. Being a healthcare professional, a homeopath and a specialist in natural health treatments, enables me to advice in a reliable, expert way, the safest mode to use alternative medicine that could improve health.

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